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Dreams about falling may reflect feelings of. › health › dreams-about-falling. Ever have a dream about falling? It might mean you have anxiety in your waking life or feel as if you've lost control over something. Falling dreams can be interpreted differently by different people. Some may focus on the feelings involved while others may put focus on the. She suggests thinking about the various areas of life –- work, relationships, finances or even physical well-being –- where you might be feeling. For many people, this is the most common cause of falling down (atleast in their dreams). Losing balance, and consequently falling down could. Over the past few years, I have experienced “sleep falling”, and subsequently waking up abruptly, on several occasions. This page is about falling dream and what they mean. Dream Dictionary lists all the possible meanings and symbols when it comes to falling in your dream. In most cases, falling dreams mean a nightmare because it induces a lot of fear and anxiety within the dreamer. The dream symbolizes loss of. I always dream I am falling into oceans o. I think it could be many possibilities. Falling dreams usually indicate uncertainty in our lives.

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