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I couldn't decide what to do with all the beets, so I tossed them onto the grill. Beets are great boiled, pickled, grated raw into salads, and, of course, roasted. But you can grill beets, too. Perhaps it's a cooking. Yes, you can grill beets! You'd be surprised how many folks ask if you can grill certain vegetables, fruits, and sides. Honestly, if you can. But if you're already planning to fire up the grill: you should definitely try grilled beets! All you'll need is a few ingredients. Because of their density, there are numerous ways to grill beets. Whole beets grill best when wrapped in foil instead of placed directly on. Every summer I go to the farmers markets and get fresh vegetables. Lately the farmers in our area are planting many different types of beets. Many vegetables are both easy and delicious when grilled. One such is the beet. Beet love. For many people, beets seem to fall into either the “. We love grilled beets! Use a foil packet to cook beets in less than 30 minutes. Turn them into a salad, appetizer, sandwich topping or. Our Grilled Beets have nice, earthy flavors that are accented by the char from the grill. The cheese and herbs really round it all out. If your beets have soaked in the marinade for at least 30 minutes, all you have to do is transfer them from their container onto your grill. You.

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